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There are great Origami Instructin sites. You can visit each website or search Origami instructions and diagrams on Origami Search page.

Origami Club

Loads of Origami instructions in diagram or animation are provided for free for everyone. Easy to understand for all ages. It's a great site and you will find all sorts of Origami! (Easy Origami, traditional Origami, fun Origami, animal, sea, bugs, fruits & vegs, flowers, sweet & food, paper plane, unique Origami, clothes, useful Origami, accessories, Christmas Origami, Velentine Origami, Star festival Origami, Halloween Origami, Origami with newspaper, furniture, nature Origami, alphabet, numbers etc.) The site is also available in Chinese, Spanish, French, German, India, Russian and Japanese.


Another wonderful website for Origami instructions. The site provides a printable PDF version of every diagram. There are Origami dragon, cat, rose, flowers, boxes, animals, birds, stars, toys, valentines Origami, Easter Origami, Halloween Origami, Christmas Origami etc. There are some video instructions as well.

Origami Way

Simple and easy to understand Origami instructions from extremely easy Origami to a little complex ones. There are easy Origami, Origami animals, birds, boxes, flowers, hearts, stars, toys etc.

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